Traveling back in history through Sound & Light

The Imperial Museum of Petrópolis (a mountain city 68km from Rio de Janeiro) is considered the Brazilian museum to receive the most visitors. People from the state of Rio or nearby resident probably already have been there or had the opportunity to go. Both public and private schools offer the kids field trips to visit the palace that describes the Imperial time in Brazil.

But last week I went to its evening spectacle called “Sound & Light”, which I had heard about it before but until then I had never participated. Lots of people, like me, usually go to Petropolis to spend the day due to such proximity to Rio, and end up missing this great attraction.

The show is the largest permanent presentation of sound and light executed so far in the country. A mixture of sounds, lights, water, colors, shadows and special effects make you go back in time and inset you in history, taking you to a royal ballroom, where the princesses Leopoldina and Isabel are prepared to be introduced to their future spouses.

The feeling of seeing them dancing through the window is amazing.
In that same excitement we watch a show, narrated by the voice of Paulo Autran (a great missed Brazilian actor), which actually gives us a lesson about a very important part of Brazilian history, giving us a desire to be present at the abolition celebration and a certain sadness with the departure of the imperial family.

The show takes place from Thursdays till Saturdays at 8 pm. It is advisable not to buy at the time of the event as it is very likely that no more tickets will be available. Adults pay R$ 20, students and teachers R$ 10. Furthermore, the initiative is part of the National Electricity Conservation Program /Eletrobras, also in partnership with the Museum and the Roberto Marinho Foundation, which encourages the prevention of waste of electrical energy through technology and careful maintenance.

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