The majestics

The hotel chain today incorporates advances in technology, architecture, arts. Whoever follows it is always amazed by the new releases.

And who wouldn’t want to stay in one of those Asian hotels with all that luxury and greatness? Or one of those skyscrapers or well decorated buildings – some of which have a different theme on each floor?

There are people who, like me, prefer (or must) save when the time to choose the means of accommodation comes, so it is possible to invest and spend on other things. But it costs nothing to dream!

And I, in my dreams, tastes and passions, don’t get myself thinking of this modern hospitality. What really fill my eyes are those old hotels, full of history, romance.

And as the largest example, the Copacabana Place, my beloved. No matter how many times I pass by the palace, it always makes me sigh. Opened in 1923, in a still sparsely inhabited Copacabana, it was inspired by two famous hotels in France: the Negresco in Nice and the Carlton in Cannes.

Another example is The Plaza hotel in New York. Surrounded by modern neighbors, the stately Plaza is there since 1907. Three years ago on its centennial, there were celebrations with ceremonies and fireworks. Through how many movies have we not stepped into this hotel? Perhaps the one that most comes to my memory is “Home Alone 2.”

In my imagination I sleep and wake up in a suite facing Copacabana beach, the so called princess of the sea, I swim at its pool and dine at the Cipriani restaurant! Who knows? Maybe one day 😉

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