Wandering in Copacabana…

Just before the 2010 World Cup start I was working in public relations of a tourist show house. The work mainly consisted of visiting travel agencies and hotels. So I walked a lot around the city and especially around Copacabana.

Organizing some of my papers, I found these notes from those days in Copa and I thought maybe I could turn them into a post. I remember writing in my notes, during one of my solitary lunches, things that had called my attention and that I really enjoyed during my working walks.

The whole neighborhood in the rhythm of the World Cup. The streets decorated, the objects to cheer, shirts from different countries, the Havaianas (flip-flops) designed with the colors of all the teams, the FIFA arena being built. As a soccer lover, I was excited to see all that noise brewing (especially this one that occurs only every 4 years). 2014 will be beautiful!

Another thing that fascinated me was seeing old buildings well maintained. In general, we tend to walk looking forward or down and we miss so many details by not giving a little look up. After seeing a building in Copacabana called “Yankee” I laughed!

Getting to discover more restaurants, bars and window shopping was also nice. I’m not a big shopper, but I loved when my eyes found something different like a Beatles shirt or several articles about Bossa Nova.

And to explore the most visited tourist neighborhood in Rio was certainly exciting. Even more when, during the visits, I got myself talking with professionals who are in this business for years and very receptive shared about the tourism activity and its history in Rio.

At most, it was that rush of people that usually excites me. A little chat here and there, smiles from strangers. Suddenly see a popular manifestation on the street and join a bunch of curious people that end up exchanging ideas. Oh, it’s like a Brazilian band named O Rappa sings … in this sea of people I feel myself whole!

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