Exploring Paris with Nat!

Instead of writing the itineraries I’ve recently done in Paris, I decided to relate them on video to share with my family, friends and everyone that comes to visit my world here! Forgive me for the video quality, it was made with the most practical camera I had and also impromptu. Besides, it is in Portuguese, but there are still so many things just to be seen.
It is all recorded and edited in order. We stayed in a hotel next to the train and subway station Gare Du Nord. For being close to the Montmartre hill, that’s where we started our tour. From there on, you will visually follow most of our steps!
There are things, though, that you need to be there to feel… the charm while you walk through streets like Boulevard Saint-Germain, the taste of the sweets and croissants, the breeze of the Seine, the romanticism of the so famous City of Lights… 🙂

48h in Paris transmitted in 14 minutes of video!

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One Response to Exploring Paris with Nat!

  1. Mel says:

    Nat.. that was such an incredible video! You hit all of the highlights.. I can’t believe you were only there 2 days! What an experience, thanks for sharing! Love you..Mel

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